Yamashita Treasure

The smart investor who purchases our Mahogany Tree Farm may receive a huge bonus – Yamashita treasure!

General YamashitaDuring WWII, Japanese troops under General Tomoyuki Yamashita allegedly hid war loot – vast treasures of gold – around the Philippines (including Negros Island), in caves, tunnels and underground burial sites. For the past 80 years, treasure hunters have been searching for Yamashita’s treasure, hoping to strike it rich. And rumors abound of many who succeeded. (Learn more by googling “Yamashita Treasure.”)

Yamashita GoldPeople tell us that one of the Yamashita burial sites is inside our farm property. Old people in the nearby village remember that there was a Japanese encampment here. And we have been told of Japanese visitors wandering around the area.

I have not yet searched the farm with a metal detector. So there are no guarantees! But if you purchase our property, you will have rights to anything buried there (and also rights to all mineral wealth below the surface)!

But in fact, you won’t need Yamashita’s treasure to strike it rich with this property. In the global premium wood marketplace, the mahogany in our farm is already worth its weight in gold!