We are offering this 20-hectare Mahogany Tree Farm for sale to serious investors. This outstanding mahogany business investment opportunity offers (1) a permanent source of significant ongoing income, and (2) exponential growth in value over years to come.


The sale of this property includes full titled ownership of 20 hectares (50 acres) of land, with all 12,000+ hardwood trees and other improvements, and water & mineral rights. (1 hectare = 10,000 square meters.)

  • Our asking price is just PHP 45/square meter (= PHP 450,000/hectare)
  • For 20 hectares, the total is PHP 9,000,000 (= USD 165,000 or EUR 152,500)

We are deliberately pricing this Tree Farm well below the price being asked for other comparable properties in the Philippines. Serious investors who recognize the value of premium mahogany wood on the world market should contact us immediately.

Please note: We are selling the entire 20-hectare property with the trees as a “package deal” (not the trees alone, not the land alone – but the entire 20 hectares with all land, trees, improvements, water & mineral rights). Yes, we get many inquiries about buying just the trees. But please contact us only if you (or someone you know) are interested in buying the entire property.

And if you are this kind of serious investor (or if you know one)… We are willing to entertain any reasonable offer. In other words, the price is “negotiable”. But we only want to talk with serious investors who truly understand the high value of this premium wood.


Depending on your long-term investment goals, there are numerous strategies for optimizing your profits from this unique investment opportunity:

  • Philippines Mahogany TreesThe extreme value of this investment is found in the swietenia macrophylla mahogany wood, a highly-sought premium species. Ultimately, the greatest wealth would likely be achieved by continuing to strategically maximize the growth of the trees until they reach optimal size for harvesting. As the years go by, worldwide demand for premium hardwood has continually increased. It is just a matter of time before this wood will be worth a fortune on the world market.
  • One strategy to accelerate growth of the trees would be through year-round irrigation. Thanks to the permanent source of water near the center of the property, one could easily pump water from the spring’s catchment tank to a water tower, then distribute the water by movable piping throughout the entire farm.
  • Another profitable strategy would be to harvest a percentage of the trees annually, ensuring a long-term, constant flow of significant income.
  • Mahogany Jewelry BoxValue can be multiplied several times over by converting the superb mahogany wood into finished or semi-finished exportable products. There is a significant global market for high-end mahogany furniture, decor, gift items, jewelry boxes, architectural trim, and many other products of high value. Skilled expertise is locally available in the Philippines for all aspects of manufacture & export. This craftsmanship is something for which Filipinos are world-famous!
  • Adjacent properties are also available for purchase and development, allowing expansion and diversification.
  • Large-scale cultivation of cash crops in open areas or on adjacent properties can significantly supplement annual income. The year-round flow of crystal-clear spring water at the heart of the property opens other possibilities for profitable activity: fish farming, raising animals, bottling spring water, flower cultivation, bamboo, high-value fruit & vegetable production, hydroponics, or other agricultural uses.

Along with the sale of the property, we are willing to assist the new owner to establish local relationships, to facilitate arrangements for the ongoing care and development of the Tree Farm, and to acquire adjacent properties if desired. We are committed to the success of your mahogany business investment!