About Us

AndersonsOur family is a happy blend of Canadian and Filipino. I (Doug) am originally from Montreal. Beulah is from the Philippines. We met and married in the 80’s, and our 2 kids were born in Ontario. In 1990, we decided to settle in the Philippines, on the Island of Negros, where we lived for about 18 years. We very much enjoyed our years in that wonderful country – they were full of rich and happy memories that our family will always cherish.

Philippines Mahogany TreesWhile living there, I established the Mahogany Tree Farm in the 90’s as a long-term investment. An enormous amount of time and resources were invested over the years (with help from a great team) clearing the land, fencing the perimeter, planting the trees, making improvements to the roads & spring, and carefully nurturing the plantation throughout its vulnerable early years.

Eventually, family circumstances changed, and we reluctantly moved back to Canada for a few years. After that, we lived in Africa, providing leadership to relief & development organizations. Of course, we still maintain close ties with our many friends & loved ones in the Philippines, and we visit them often. Meanwhile, we have continued to support and care for the Tree Farm, nurturing it as our most prized possession.

Reluctantly, we have come to realize that it would be wiser to sell the Tree Farm to the first serious investor who will offer us a fair price. We have already done all the hard work, and the next owner can continue what we started and reap the harvest. We simply will not be in a position any time soon to do this ourselves. But we have no regrets! C’est la vie. We look forward to facilitating the handover of this very special resource to some very fortunate entrepreneur.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with questions and proposals. Thank you!

Doug & Beulah Anderson Tree